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Why is heat storage heat different from traditional heat?

The refractory absorbs the heat produced by a fast burning combustion and thanks to a large surface, which uses low temperature, releases it slowly over 24 hours.
This phenomenon is called radiant heat. For example, we can think about the sun: stoves generate a very long electromagnetic wave in the infrared region, which goes deeply through the molecules of matter causing a slow release of heat.
This type of warmth does not overheat the air and generates a comfortable temperature in your home, by regulating humidity. This is perfect for our health, mainly for people with breathing problems.

Why traditional heaters are outdated?

This type of system (for example, iron stoves, wood stoves, fireplaces’ supplements, convector heater etc.) is characterized by a fast exchange of heat between metal and air and it generates convective heats, working at very high temperatures.
This type of heat produces a short electromagnetic wave that warms up your room in a superficial way. The main problems convective heat causes are; a waste of wood, dust, irregular temperature, mold and condensation.