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  • All work carried out by La Stube stems from a dialogue between our customer and us.
    First, we strive to listen to the needs and expectations of our customer, we correctly advise them and propose different solutions. We then proceed with an on-the-spot inspection.
    After the inspection, we start to design, with the aid of a state of the art computer system.
    When we design, we take into account: the technical requirements, the proper placement of the work in the house and our customer's taste.
    So, every design is highly customized and difficult to repeat. Once our customer approves the design, we build the stove. The duration of the process will depend on the difficulty of the operation.
    La Stube will take charge of all the necessary building works, including the demolition of existing works and rubble disposal.
Technical insights
  • We do not just take care of the style of your stove, but we also develop and build the technical content of it. We construct the combustion chamber connected to the flue gas system, calculated to guarantee the correct draft and a clean combustion.
  • The stove can be entirely built in refractory or integrated with a combustion chamber in cast iron (that releases heat faster, ideal in case of occasional use of the stove).
  • With modern techniques of plant design and house insulation, the stoves and the solar thermal system can become your primary source of heating and make you independent of gas. With simply two or three loads of wood (15-20 kg) per day, the stove produces hot water that is stored in an insulated tank and then sorted into: bathroom fixtures, heated floors, walls or ceilings, or radiant wall panels working at a low temperature. There are different types of inserts with incorporated or separate heat exchangers that can work with either wood or pellet or both.
  • Our open fireplaces (built without metal or cast iron inserts) are carefully designed to ensure a natural air draught that prevents the production of smoke. A particular construction system releases heated combustion air directly to the space and avoids the handling of cold air.
  • Thanks to our artisan vocation, we are able to satisfy every customer's personal taste in respect of tradition and can offer a wide range of products. We can build fireplaces from refined and elegant eighteenth century French marble fireplaces to tavern fireplaces for the most festive barbecues with friends.
  • We can also propose the fireplace storage solution; in addition to the beauty of the flame, it offers the possibility to store heat for hours almost like a hot gas stove.
progettazione e realizzazione
progettazione e realizzazione